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This page contains links to everything necessary to run and play the game. Specific game rules are mentioned in the section that best suits them.

Before creating a character, there are some things to think about.

This particular game takes place in an urban location. While there may be brief forays into the surrounding wilderness, most of the action will take place within the city. In fact, the setting itself encourages staying within the city.

Your character will probably seem really weak at first. This is okay, because they will become more powerful and versatile as they grow and gain experience and cool items.

The following links will help you build a character if you follow them in the order they are given. Experienced nerds will already know the attributes and hit points, but should definitely check out the saving throws and class and species.
Hit Points
Saving Throws
Class and Species
Starting Equipment

Character Sheet

The City

Magic User Spells
Preacher Spells

Main Page

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