The City

This place is ancient. So old, in fact, that no one in Brisby Flats could tell you what the actual name of the city as a whole is. Although some speculate that this is due to some sort of curse.

Oh, Brisby Flats? That’s just one of three major districts of the city. The Flats themselves are made up of several smaller neighborhoods, each one worse than the one before. On the opposite side of the city is Society Hill, where the nobles, royals, and wealthiest merchants live. Separating the Flats and the Hill is the section collectively known as Midtown, a booming trade mecca where it is said anything can be found for the right price. Seperating Brisby Flats from Midtown and Society Hill is an aquaduct and the Lord Mayor’s Steel Highway, a strange metal track upon which a smoke belching iron engine pulls carriage cars full of the wealthy and powerful.

The Flats are the bad side of town. The city constables mainly leave it alone, other than manning the gates that separate it from the nicer parts of town. The real power in the Flats are the street gangs. One of the most notable ganglords was Iron Mikhail, who was taken down by the constabulary and Inquisition 5 years ago, in an operation that ended up with a humongous, and mysterious explosion that almost leveled the entire Waingroh neighborhood. The crater still lies untouched, like a huge scar on the face of the City.

Midtown is full of factories and mills producing handmade goods by the shipload, to be sold to traders from all over the world. Most guild halls are located in Midtown.

Society Hill is the political center of Lister, and the oldest human settlement. This is where the nobles and commoners who are wealthy enough to live like nobles, reside. The Lord Mayor’s palace is here, the tallest building in the city; it’s towers reaching like a claw towards the heavens.

The city is run by the Lord Mayor, who is appointed by the Guild League. The Lord Mayor is in charge of the day to day operations of the city, while the Guild League manages the economics of the city. The 10 most powerful guilds each have a single vote, while the mass of smaller guilds combined has just one vote.

The City

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