As your character does things in the game, they acquire Experience Points (XP). When the character accumulates so many XP, they go up in level, which means they improve in some way.

Gaining experience is easy;

  • Defeating enemies is the most straight forward way of gaining XP, but also the most dangerous and offers the lowest rate of return. 10 xp per hit die.
  • Saving Lives. Each person saved from evil is 100 xp per hit die.
  • Class based activities simply dumping a sum of money (up to 1000 sp at a time in The City), getting an equal amount of experience, but also having to roll on a random consequences table. Some consequences are negative, but just as many are positive. This is specifically called,carousing, and you roll on the Carousing Table.
  • Doing something really cool, neat, awesome, or nifty. Usually less than 50 xp, but hey, it all adds up.
  • Bribing the Dungeon Master.



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