Hit Points

Hit Points (HP) are simply a way to keep track of how injured your character is. You have a base amount of hit points and every time you take damage, you temporarily lose some, until you drink a healing potion, find a preacher or pay for the services of a physician. Pay attention to how many HP you have; If you’re at 0, then you could be in big trouble. This game does not go into negative HP. Instead, the player rolls on a random critical hit table every time they are damaged when already at 0 HP.

Your base amount of hit points is based on what class you pick and your Constitution Modifier. The Constitution modifier is added to or subtracted from (depending on whether you have a + or – or 0) the following dice roll, based on class:

  • Fighter: roll a D8
  • Magic User: roll a D4
  • Preacher: roll a D6
  • Specialist: roil a D6

Every time you go up a level, roll the same die and add your Constitution modifier and add the result to your base.

Hit Points

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